LuChan Kuhong

Project Description

When we were approached by Le Barreau du Quebec to handle the 2014-2015 campaign for this presigious and impressive woman Luchan Kuhong, who at the time was vice-president and going for presidency, we had to fasten our seat-belts. Handling the brand of a legal and social justice icon like Miss Kuhong was not your everyday campaign.. the job was to create a brand that was powerful yet friendly and relatable around hwer mission statements. We created everything from the one-page love responsive theme & newsletters to the social medias and all the adds that ran during the campaign. Looks like things went well, she is currently THE president of the Barreau du Quebec!

How we helped her brand?

  1. We chose colors that are symbolic for justice, renewal and trust
  2. We selected photos of Lu which got her out of the old boys club and into a world of powerful yet beuatiful women
    (this was an important point to make because in law, female lawyers are still expected to have that corporate business woman look to be respected (short hair, skirt suit). In our campaign we chose photos of Lu with long flowing hair, minmal make-up and a variety of casual and nightlift outfits. Who says you can’t be a woman and take over the world?
  3. We kept the buzz really low and important. Instead of mass mailing and tweeting non-stop, we just trickled in the news that matered the most to her fellow lawyers and fans.

Project Details

Client: LuChan Kuhong


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