Bedtime story

Project Description

The BTS project is quite unique.. A dark erotic thriller with a soundtrack and a music video. TORCHIA COMMUNICATIONS is handling their PR and a lot of their traditional marketing and Search engine marketing. They asked us to chime in for a design-focused custom build along with some search engine reporting. This is an ongoing project and we love it. The creative direction is already very good in this project so it was a delight to trnaslate this into a highly responsive site.

How did their brand get better?

  1. They went from a basic WordPress theme to a custom responsive front-end while keeping the same back-end
  2. With a top slider showcasing the book, music and video launch – the viewer is immersed in visuals before copy
  3. With deep SEO reporting we were able to expand the keywords that work and stay on top of the search engines

Project Details

Client: Bed time story


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