We don’t make many promises, because we want to keep the ones we do make. We will not promise you that if you give us your money, your brand will become a household name or that your sales will triple or that your artist will become famous. So here is what we do promise: that after over a decade in new media solutions, multimedia production and public relations that whatever you do with us will significantly improve your brand’s image with quantifiable, hard numbers delivered to your inbox, before you’ve had your morning coffee. Sound good?

1. Galliard’s number one goal is to facilitate your success. We increase your brand’s visibility, engagement and adoption through innovative new media solutions. We’ve brought success to a diverse portfolio of brands — from the entertainment industry to the federal government — and we can bring it to you.

2. We never take our eyes off the bottom line. In an age of disinformation and soft numbers, we believe you should always see quantifiable results from your investment. To give you the hard data, we use sophisticated metrics and analytics to track the success of every campaign.

3. We offer comprehensive turn-key solutions, from conception to completion. From identity design and branding to video campaigns to cutting-edge viral media, we do it all.

4. We believe new media should remain affordable. We’re committed to giving you a boutique experience at a competitive rate, guided by a dedicated account manager.

5. We keep up to date with the hottest trends in new media so you don’t have to. We go the extra mile to optimize your brand and future-proof your investment for the next stage of media evolution. What you need tomorrow, we can give you today.
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