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The capabilities of modern media are pervasive and immediate. From the moment you take your business online, you need a marketing agency that can manage your image around the world and around the clock. Modern media moves fast and Galliard is here to help you take charge of this ever-changing world. The internet never sleeps…and neither do we!

Galliard specializes in web-based brand building, image management and analytics. By tracking your new media investment and delivering customized reports, Galliard is committed to helping you maximize your ROI and to optimizing your digital campaign in real-time based on KPI built around you and your business.


Duncan MacDougall is the glue that holds Galliard together. Duncan’s focus is on taking care of Galliard’s Operations and Business Relations within the entertainment industry. With a background in event planning and international commerce,Duncan likes to work under the pressure of our many clients’ high expectations. An entrepreneur by birth and a socialite at heart,Duncan is usually the one shaking the most hands and exchanging the most cards at any event.

 Lisa Mac is our Creative Director and New Media Strategist and she fits the stereotype well. She gives birth to all of our brilliant ideas and she certainly lights the most fires! Lisa will stay up all night with a markers and papers, making sure your campaign is something worth bragging about. With one hand in the paint jar and the other on a calculator, Lisa will never sacrifice your bottom-line. She’s happiest when the client is satisfied.

Nura Jabagi is our Digital Marketing Manager. A self-proclaimed ‘hip-geek’ (not to be confused with a ‘hipster’), Nura is a rare breed of marketer who embodies the elusive combination of quantitative left brain and creative right brain functions required to bring any campaign to life while never losing sight of the bottom line: delivering measurable results and ROI. With over 7 years of multi-channel marketing experience, Nura’s current focus is e-business development and new media strategies. Outside of the digital world, Nura spends her time trying new cuisine and working out (mostly so that she can indulge in that extra glass of wine at dinner!)

Loïc Barbero is our Chief Technical Officer. With a keen interest in all things web and an ear always to the ground, Loic prides himself on knowing and mastering the next-big tech thing before most of us have even heard about it. With 5 years of experience in the tech industry, Loic has successfully developed some of the most complex sites, implementing cutting edge design and technologies. Having mastered HTML, CSS, JQUERY, Silverlight, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop and WordPress, Loïc is our go-to-guy whenever we need to make some tech-magic happen or when one of us can’t get the projector to work! A child of Generation-Y, aka the Net-Generation, Loïc perfectly embodies the stereotype IT-guy: coffee, cigarettes and late night coding.

Jody Penhall is the kind of woman every organization needs, but few are lucky to have. The countless gift-baskets that Jody regularly receives from clients are a testament of her abilities in keeping our clients happy and in building successful business relationships. Jody’s official titles include Senior Account Manager and North American Business Developer, however around the office she is known as ‘The Hunter’. Jody always has her eye out for the next meeting, lunch or trip because at the end of the day, meeting new people and helping them achieve their bottom-line is what she does best.


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